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Travel to Easter Island

Easter Island, Chile
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Oplev en af verdens mest isolerede ø – Påskeøen, den mysteriøse lille ø med omkring 1000 moai-statuer og dramatiske landskaber med vulkanske, græsbeklædte kratere og smukke strande.


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Day 1 - Santiago
Day 1 - Santiago

Arrival in the morning at Santiago Airport and transfer to the center where the beautiful Boutique Hotel will accommodate you for 2 nights. In the afternoon you will be picked up to take a City Tour and get to enjoy all the attractions of the wonderful city.

Day 2 - Santiago - Valparaiso
Day 2 - Santiago - Valparaiso

You will be picked up to take an excursion to Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. This is a full day excursion and during the tour we will make a brief stop in a vineyard in the Casablanca Valley, to enjoy a glass of wine.
Our first visit begins in Viña del Mar, also known as "The Garden City" thanks to the large number of parks and gardens that are appreciated. We will make a stop at the Quinta Vergara, Carrasco Palace, and we will meet a Moai from Easter Island. Next, we will continue towards the most important coastal edge of the central coast, and then we will get to know the famous flower clock of the city.
Then, we will arrive in Valparaíso, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, full of multicolored houses in the hills, parks and various national monuments. One of these attractions is the Plaza Sotomayor, important civic plaza of the city, located on the shores of one of the main ports of Chile.
In the afternoon we will return to our hotel in Santiago.

Day 3 - Easter Island

Transfer to the Airport to get a flight to Easter Island - arrival at approx. 13.00
3 nights in Pikera Uri Eco Lodge
Afternoon free to walk to the several Moais that sorrounds the hotel.

Day 4 - Easter Island
Day 4 - Easter Island

Departure from your hotel towards the Cave Ana Kai Tangata, where in one of its walls, birds are drawn in a stylized painting, representing Manutara (sea swallows) and whose precious egg was the center of the annual birdman competition.

Later visit the Vinapu sector, archaeological site which is characterized by its large balsato tiles made to fit carefully in a similar way to Inca constructions of Cuzco Continue to Rano Kau, a place where you will find a lake with small islands of reeds and lush vegetation and micro fauna. Orongo ceremonial village where the ceremony of the Bird Man competition was performed. The Bird Man was appointed by the king and would be the spiritual and political leader during a period of one year. The sacred character is represented as a human shrunken body with a large beak and is sculpted in many engraved stones.
Return to your hotel at Easter Island.

Day 5 - Easter Island
Day 5 - Easter Island

Departure from our hotel at Easter Island to the east of the island to visit the Ahu Vaihu and Akahanga, temples formed by platforms or stone altars where Moais (huge monolithic figures carved of volcanic stone) and Pukaos (the hats or topknots formerly placed on top of some Moai statues)are assembled together. Continuing our trip, we will go to Rano Raraku, a volcanic crater formed of consolidated ash, which contains also a lagoon. The volcano has a historical significance for the island, because on its slopes the Moais were carved. Currently there remain 397 of these impressive sculptures.
Then we will visit the most surprising Ahu, a ceremonial platform, on the island. Ahu Tongariki has got 15 huge Moais. But in fact, it is Te Pito Kura which has the largest statue erected on an Ahu, the Moai Paro, with 10 meters high and 85 tons in weight. Next to Te Pito Kura we will find a large spherical stone which is identified as the navel of the world - Te Pito o Te Henua.
Finally, we will finish our day resting at Anakena, the most popular beach on the island. Besides its natural beauty, what makes it a unique beach is a row of Moais which turn their backs to the sea. Definitely Anakena is an unique landscape to enjoy before returning to our hotel at Easter Island.

Day 6 - Santiago

Transfer from Hotel to the Airport to take the flight back to Santiago and with a transport over to your hotel.
1 Night at the Hotel NovaPark

Day 7 - Santiago

Transport to the Airport or Bus Terminal in Santiago in order to continue your journey and make your way back home.


  • Transfer from Airport to Hotel
  • 2 nights in Casanoble Hotel Boutique
  • City Excursion with SANTA LUCIA
  • Excursion to VIÑA DEL MAR & VALPARAISO
  • Transfer from Hotel to Airport
  • Transfer from Airport to Hotel
  • Entrance to Easter Island
  • 3 nights at Pikera Uri Eco Lodge
  • Excursion to Orongo, Tangata Manu Ceremonial Village
  • Excursion to Anakena & The lost culture Rapa Nui
  • Transfer to Airport
  • Transfer from Santiago Airport to Hotel
  • 1 night at Hotel Novapark
  • Transfer from Hotel to Airport or Bus Terminal
  • Flights from Santiago to Easter Island RT


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Easter Island, Chile


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